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Welcome to the alumni network - one way to stay in touch with ​Umeå University and your network from the university as a former student or staff. Create a user account (free of charge) to get invitations to special events and ​seminars, our newsletter tailored for alumni and a free subscription of Think - an inquisitive magazine about research, education and cooperation.

The personal information provided ​when you register in the alumni network is contact information, connection to the university, study results and career information. Personal data are processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The university is responsible for personal data.

The purpose of the treatment is to maintain contact with the University’s alumni, develop relationships with alumni, maintain updated, current contact information, including e-mail address and opportunity to communicate with alumni via mailing and invitations.

You can when you want to withdraw your consent. Membership is valid until you decide to withdraw. For information about how the University processes personal data, who you can turn to regarding your rights in this matter, please visit this page: http://www.umu.se/om-webbplatsen/about-the-website/legal-information/personal-data?languageId=1

The only thing we need from you is your Swedish personal identity number. Other information, such as name and study programme, is fetched automatically. If you don’t know your personal identity number, please contact alumni@umu.se.

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